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New technology predicts workplace heat stress

A BRISBANE company has launched a revolutionary new software program that forecasts when workers are more likely to suffer from heat stress. Leading environmental firm Katestone’s new software program Heat Manager can even determine how much water should be made available to workers and how to reschedule work rosters during extreme heat events. Heat Manager…

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When is it too hot to work?

With more temperatures above 35° forecast every summer in Australia, you may be asking yourself, ‘When is it too hot to work?’ A simple answer to that question? There isn’t one. In 1947 Schickele plotted 157 heat stroke deaths in the military training camps against temperature and humidity and identified the ‘death line’. Air temperatures ranged from 26…

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Why forecast heat stress for cattle?

Why is heat stress an issue for cattle? Heat stress is a combination of external heat load (the weather) and the internal heat load. For humans the internal heat load is generated by physical activity but for cattle in a feedlot it is the increased metabolic rate due to a high energy diet they are fed. Feedlots managers…

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